Reach The Next Level

You love people, being your own boss, and the amazing income opportunities in real estate. So what comes next in your career? The answer is simple: get the prestige, recognition you deserve as a coach – and generate a massive income sharing your knowledge and expertise.

As a HARRIS Certified Coach®, you’ll learn how to effectively build your coaching business, grow your clientele, guide & inspire them towards success, and build a profitable coaching business.

This elite coaching program helps expand your local network & keeps you up to speed on the latest trends & techniques in the industry – backed by the proven, trusted formula for real estate coaching pioneered by Tim & Julie Harris.

Master Your Craft

As a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®, you will refresh your training and skills as a real estate agent. You’ll have direct access to the latest real estate thinking, tactics, and technology. You’ll polish your presentation and networking skills. You’ll expand and enhance your collegial relationships within and much beyond your current spheres of influence.

Becoming a HARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliate is a complementary extension of your current real estate business. Simply adapt the tools you learn as a certified coach affiliate to your “regular” business as an agent…your listings presentations will flow like water…your contacts and relationships with other professionals will grow exponentially, and your revenue streams will increase. There’s NO downside, so take this opportunity to get involved today!

The Mark Of Excellence In Real Estate

Being a HARRIS Certified Coach® is a badge of honor to show your colleagues & clients that you’ve risen above simply “being an agent” to achieve true excellence. You’ll be certified to coach, teach and speak to any individual, company or organization anywhere in the world, using Tim & Julie’s  proven coaching techniques, curriculum, products, and books.

This advanced certification program contains 45+ years of influence and leadership know-how, that they ONLY teach to their certified Team Members – along with detailed, step-by-step training & presentation materials.

Our HARRIS Certified Coaches® work closely with Tim & Julie Harris – and with each other. We provide a collaborative group environment to help our HCCa affiliates share best practices & support each other as they work to build their coaching businesses & expand their territories.

To deliver on the coaching/teaching training provided by Tim & Julie Harris, you’ll receive access to exclusive Harris Certified Coach® training with Julie Harris, along with full access to all our coaching & training materials. This includes personal and group coaching skills, How to teach each lesson in the coaching manuals, How to set your coaching fees, Training workbook guide to go along with the coach training videos.

Build a highly profitable, thriving coaching business when you affiliate yourself with the Tim & Julie Harris® brand. You’ll be associating yourself with a proven, trusted real estate brand. We’ll train you to present to agents, give you all the tools & materials you need, provide you with lists of agents you can present to, and we’ll even do the selling for you!

In addition to coach training with Julie Harris, you’ll receive detailed, in-depth sales training on the multi-channel approach to sales pioneered by Tim & Julie Harris, including: Telephone/Email introduction skills, Cold calling skills, Networking skills, Obtaining referrals, Sales scripts, Client discovery sales questions, Closing skills.

To deliver on the Tim & Julie Harris method of presenting, you’ll receive complete speaking scripts, keynotes and training documents. You’ll receive in-depth Presentation training, Technique training, How to set your speaking fees, Speaking event coordination and best practices, Training workbook guide to go along with the speaker training videos.

Learn how to effectively market yourself as a certified real estate coach & top-tier professional using our proven personal marketing & branding materials, specially designed to help you build dominance in your local market. This includes full access to our comprehensive, multi-module marketing system!

Become A HARRIS Certified Coach®

As a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®, you’ll have direct access to the latest real estate thinking, tactics, and technology. Learn to polish your presentation and networking skills. Expand and enhance your collegial relationships within and much beyond your current spheres of influence.

Becoming a HARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliate is a complementary extension of your current real estate business. Simply adapt the tools you learn as a certified coach affiliate to your “regular” business as an agent and learn to win every listing presentation, exponentially grow you contacts and relationships with other professionals , and massively increase your business revenue. There’s NO downside, so take this opportunity to get involved today!

After you submit your application, we’ll carefully review it and consider your skills & qualifications. Then we’ll contact you with details about available program openings and provide you with enrollment & training info. It’s an easy 4-step process that gets you on the fast-track to success.


Everything you need for your own coaching business. As an affiliate, you have access to all the content and business systems we use. Including our customer service and sales staff.

12-month term. Must be renewed annually.
* Affiliation fees will increase going forward for new HCCa’s.
Your annual affiliation fee will be $5000.00 and due every year from your initial enrollment date.
* Annual affiliation fee renewals will be $5000 for the first 50 HCCa’s. Thereafter the annual renewal fee is subject to change.
We encourage you to choose your own company name. However, the name has to be in accordance with terms and conditions of your affiliate contract. You can not change the HARRIS Logo, colors etc. We will provide high-res art work for your business cards etc.
Suggested sample approved names are:
HARRIS Certified Coach | Long Beach
HARRIS Certified Coach | Bill and Sally Rogers.
Submit the proposed name to
Sure. However, the rates for the coaching are well established and it would be difficult for an affiliate to change the pricing structure.

Note: this is subject to change.

– HCCa’s will earn commissions/ fees from their sales. An affiliate is paid within 30 days of the client paying.

Example 1:

Premier Coaching (PC) currently costs $2995. If an Affiliate sells a PC  they will receive 35% of the total amount (minus any lender servicing fees). 65% to HARRIS. In this case, the affiliate would earn approximately $348.25. Keep in mind that the lender’s fees will be reduced from the payouts. HARRIS provides all Premier Coaching services.

Example 2:

1:1 Coaching Programs – Premier VIP and Premier Plus coaching sales will be split. 70/30… 30% to HARRIS. In this case, the HARRIS Certified Coach affiliate will be providing the actual coaching services to a client they have sold (non-Harris lead). YOUR client, YOU will be their coach.

However, if a coaching client doesn’t want the affiliate to coach them in PC VIP, PC Plus OR the HCCa simply doesn’t want to coach directly; the payouts will revert to 70/30. 30% to the HCCa and 70% to HARRIS. In this case, HARRIS will provide the coaching directly.

Note: If the coaching client is using UGA or other 3rd party lenders revenue from the recurring/serviced payments, it will be shared based on the net amount after UGA fees.

Yes.  If an affiliate uses our sales team to close their sale our NMC sales professional will be paid a commission. Commission rates TBD, but assume around $100.

Yes, as an affiliate you will be required attend 2 events per year. Events fees will be $500-1000. event schedule will be posted in the private HARRIS Certified Coach section within HARRIS Learning.

Yes, everything. As an affiliate, you have a limited license to use everything on HARRIS Learning.

From time to time we may send you a direct referral for a coaching client.

Yes. Part of becoming a HCCa is learning how to present HARRIS content to a live audience. We will also teach you how to present via webinars and podcasts.

Yes, we know many of you are well versed with HARRIS content and could easily pass all the test.

From time to time there will be other classes required.

No. we have an established merchant services account that you can use.

Yes. They have an issue, they call HARRIS directly.

Yes. We will connect you with the E&O provider we use.

No. However we will show you how to set up Facebook Business pages and other free sites. You won’t need to invest hardly any money or time into a website.

Yes and a link back to your business page or website.


As a HARRIS Certified Coach® affiliate, you’ll be trained in the most effective form of coaching available, and you’ll be able to assist agents achieve higher success than they ever dreamed possible. That’s not all you’ll get, though!

Top-Tier Coaching Training: Learn to be a world class real estate coach with full access to all our coaching & training materials, tests, accountability tools, mindset techniques, & more. This is a turnkey coaching system that you can use

Branding: Use our brand, logos, ebooks, online store, and other Tim & Julie Harris® materials to immediately market yourself as a first class coach to prospective clients.

Sales Tools: Get access to our sales, financing & collections capabilities to leverage our high-performance sales channels to rapidly grow your business.

Program Length: The Harris Certified Coach® affiliate program is a 12 month program to attain certification, at which point you’ll be able to officially coach agents as a licensed affiliate of Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching, along with the use of our name, logo, and branding materials. Ongoing enrollment is required to maintain your certification.

Training Requirements: 12-month program, weekly call, semi-private group calls, no one on one coaching, no guarantees of any clients, will be trained on product, will be trained on how to sell the product (create need, create urgency, etc).

Event Requirements: As a certified coach you will be required to attend at least 2 Tim & Julie Harris® training events per year to help represent our organization, and we may ask you to speak at those events on what being a certified coach means to you and how you’ve helped others in this capacity.

Testing Requirements: During your initial certification training enrollment, you will need to pass tests administered quarterly on our coaching & training materials to ensure that you are effectively learning & implementing our training materials.

Errors & Omissions Insurance: We recommend that each HARRIS Certified Coach® affiliate carry active E&O coverage to limit any potential liability that may arise from the performance of their duties.

Please note that as a certified coach, you are operating as an affiliate of Tim & Julie Harris®, and our organization is not liable for any claims or damages that you may incur.

Certification Pricing: Program cost for 1 year of affiliation costs $12,000 for full certification, with convenient payment options listed below:

  1. Pre-Paid: Pay your full certification tuition in advance at the beginning of the program.
  2. Monthly: Pay on a monthly basis with 12 payments of $1,000 each.
  3. Financed: Spread your certification payments over time with one of our convenient, no-hassle financing programs.
  • Continued enrollment is required to maintain your active certification once you complete the program. Once you are certified, our staff will work with you on a maintenance-enrollment plan to ensure your certification does not lapse.