Ruschele Abbruzzese, HARRIS Certified Coach®

Ruschele is a very enthusiastic, honest, detailed real estate agent. She loves what she does, and very much enjoys helping her clients.

Ruschele has been a licensed real estate agent for years, working both in traditional sales as well as the REO & short-sale specialties.

Ruschele is experienced as a former top-producing real estate agent and long-time member of the Tim & Julie Harris real estate coaching team.  As a coach, Ruschele brings her vast experience and skill set to help agents overcome common challenges in today’s market, implement lead generation strategies and improve their business.

Ruschele has coached students for Tim & Julie Harris across the US in all markets, large and small, working alongside them to help educate, motivate & empower her clients.    

Finally, Ruschele is highly skilled in the REO / BPO specialties, having done thousands of BPOs herself.  She helps other agents understand how to quickly & accurately do BPOs and how to turn those into REO listings.

Call this HARRIS Certified Coach® now to schedule a compelling, live in-office presentation for your agents on one of the powerful speaking topics below!

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